Whether you need extra resources to augment your existing team, or help on specialized projects, we are here to assist you.

  • Installations and Upgrades
  • Licensing
  • Agile
  • Business process mapping


Atlassian® applications are versatile and if implemented properly, are easy to use.  Regardless if it is a small upgrade or a large implementation, there are always potential risks to the organization. Atlas Authority provides support options to minimize downtime and a negative financial impact on the organization.

Critical Change Support

When making large changes like upgrading an Atlassian® application introduces significant risk to your organization. With Critical Change Support, your team has the security of our team members on standby as your make the changes. If something goes wrong, we will be ready to intervene.

Rapid Outage Response

Atlas Authority is best known for Rapid Outage Response. We provide unwavering support and gained the trust from large global Atlassian® instances deal with outages. We have dealt with outages for many Fortune 500 companies with application instance usage in the top 1% of all Atlassian applications in the world.

Hosted Services

Atlas Authority provides extensibility and can host Atlassian’s® tools with our Hosted Services offering. You get the ease of mind of a managed service as well as the ability to customize your application beyond Atlassian’s cloud offering.


During our tenure working at Atlassian®, Atlas Authority staff contributed to the design and development of Atlassian’s® certification test for JIRA® administrators and Platinum Experts. Whether your application administration team is looking to enhance their skills or if your organization is looking to train end users, Atlas Authority builds and delivers curriculums tailored to your business needs.

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iFramed is a simple Confluence® Macro that allows any user to embed an iFrame in a page or a blog post. (more…)

Active User Filter

The Active User Filter app for JIRA® allows administrators to filter out active and inactive users in the administration interface. With version 1.0.2 we also added the ability to export users to CSV.