Get things done right the first time

Atlas Authority is a full-service consulting firm offering best-in-class technology solutions that generate tangible business value and accelerate growth. With over 14 years of experience in helping organizations maximize their Atlassian tools, we empower our clients to improve performance, streamline workflows, and increase operational efficiency.

We want to see our clients succeed, no matter the business size, industry, or infrastructure complexity. We make sure things are done right the first time. When you partner with Atlas Authority, you gain access to a team of experts that are equipped to navigate all facets of the Atlassian technology stack. Our innovative and cost-effective solutions ensure that your Atlassian environment is high-performing, scalable, and enables your teams to deliver better and faster results.

Advance Business and Drive Innovation

Companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500’s, turn to Atlas Authority to help them leverage the robust capabilities of Atlassian software and design solutions tailored to their unique business requirements. Through our integrated technology expertise and best practice sharing, we help our clients move their businesses forward and drive innovation.

Atlas Authority’s Atlassian Expertise

Atlas Authority’s experience and mastery of the Atlassian ecosystem is truly unmatched. Our team of highly skilled experts, some of who formerly served as Atlassian staff members, have a deep understanding of the intricacies within the Atlassian tools and how they integrate with different environments to yield superior performance. With our profound knowledge of Atlassian software, the Atlas Authority team brings precise attention to detail every project, ensuring that our solutions deliver outstanding results and provide tremendous value to our clients.


We offer exceptional end-to-end professional services, including licensingimplementationtrainingsupport services, and custom application development. When you work with Atlas Authority, we become an extension of your IT operations. Our team ensures that your Atlassian environment performs optimally and is highly available and secure. We help minimize risk, increase cost savings, and allow your team members to focus on what they do best.


In addition to our extensive professional services, we build effective custom applications that are tailored to your business needs and that enhance your current Atlassian products. We have created 14 applications, with more than 2 million licensed users, that are universal and relevant for any industry or business. Atlas Authority innovative products help maximize your Atlassian technology investment and improve system performance.

Why Companies Trust Atlas Authority

Atlassian Experts

14+ years of experience in delivering Atlassian excellence and implementing industry best practices

Product Expertise

Created innovative applications for the Atlassian Marketplace, with 10,000+ instances and over 2 million users

Real People Real Solutions

Integrated solutions that boost productivity, improve performance, and scales as your organization evolves

Atlas Authority is committed to serving our communities through positive social and economic change. In 2017, we joined the Pledge 1% initiative, where we donate 1% of our employee time, equity, and profits to those who need it most. Social responsibility is a cornerstone of our company values, and we strive to use our business as a vehicle to create a better world and provide support to local and international non-profit programs.