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is a specialized consulting company. Our expertise is performance and scale and we deliver immediate business results through our deep technical expertise around complex environments. Clients worldwide trust Atlas Authority and their staff of former Atlassians to implement, support and maintain their critical applications. Atlas Authority understands the technical intricacies of Atlassian products and potential complex roadblocks.

Our client’s best interest is always our first priority. Period. Atlas Authority’s business is founded on helping clients succeed. Our seasoned engineers follow a rigorous process to ensure constant client communications are kept open, projects are delivered on time, and client goals are met (and usually exceeded). One of our long-standing clients, a national telco company, had performance issues with page load times. After engaging with Atlas Authority, we improved their page load time and reduced the load time by half (from over 12 seconds to under 5 seconds).

We understand although companies are different in size, industry, and technologies – there is always common ground when using Atlassian tools. Our expertise and understanding of the Atlassian tools, deep knowledge to configure and standardize applications, expansive technology integration knowledge, and ability to balance the performance and scaling of each environment truly make us the specialized consulting company clients trust.


Why Companies Trust Atlas Authority

Atlassian Expertise

Atlas Authority has 14+ years of general Atlassian expertise

Product Expertise

There are 3,300+ instances of our apps with 2 million+ licensed users

Real People Real Solutions

We offers performance and scaling solutions for all organizations


We provide professional services to efficiently minimize your risk and reduce cost. While we focus on improving responsiveness, reducing downtime, and managing tech risk, we also offer licensing, implementation, training, support services, and app creation.


In addition to our mission-critical professional services, we provide apps to empower your Atlassian stack. With more than 2 million licensed app users, we’ve created more than 10 apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. Our apps are thoughtful and relevant to all business industries.

Our Clients Trust Atlas Authority

Atlas Authority takes pride in participating with the Pledge 1% organization. We understand and believe in being a socially responsible company. We took the pledge in 2017, and look forward to continuing our devotion to helping economic and social change.