Atlas Load

Atlas Load records and replays production application traffic which allows administrators to make changes confidently.

Administrators of large Atlassian® applications face the question “How can I be sure that my Atlassian application will not go down when …”

  • Application configuration changes
  • Infrastructure configuration changes
  • Increased usage is applied to the system
  • New add-ons are installed, or existing ones are updated
  • Any kind of internal development

The solution is Atlas Load. A first of its kind tool built specifically to capture production traffic from Atlassian applications and replay it in your testing environment. Replay of production traffic is more likely to reveal use-case specific performance and functional glitches as compared to traditional load testing methods.

A typical Atlassian® application network map looks like this:

Atlas Load will capture all of the traffic, and allow you to push it to a test environment in one of two ways. You can either do this live with Atlas Load rewriting the traffic on the fly to allow it to work on both systems:

Or we can also record the traffic and then replay it at a later time. This tends to be the preferred method as it allows the administrator to perform their testing asynchronously from the period during which traffic is being generated.


If you are interested in trying Atlas Load then please reach out to us via the contact form.

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