Unique load testing tool developed to capture
production traffic for Jira and Confluence

Prevent Outages

Perform tests in a staging environment to accurately replicate glitches and
avoid outages.

Reduce Downtime

Reproduce, troubleshoot, and quickly validate fixes. While reducing downtime during outages.

Flexible Testing

Allow live testing or record and replay captured traffic for asynchronous testing at a later time.

Making changes to large Atlassian applications can be difficult. From application configuration changes to an increase of system usage to updating existing add-ons, Atlassian administrators face the question, “How can I be sure our large Atlassian application won’t go down when…”

Atlas Load is a first-of-its kind tool built specifically to capture production traffic from Atlassian applications Jira and Confluence, and replay it in your testing environment. Compared to traditional load testing methods, having the ability to replay production traffic provides the ability to properly identify functional glitches and reveal use-case specific performance gaps.

Atlas Load is a quick and easy load testing tool that allows administrators to record and replay captured production traffic from Jira or Confluence without maintaining JMeter scripts.

How it Works

Atlas Load captures all of the traffic.

A typical Atlassian application network map

It provides the user with two options for load testing:

1) Live testing

The user will push the captured traffic from Jira or Confluence into a live test environment. Then, Atlas Load will rewrite the traffic extemporaneously, allowing it to work on both systems.

2) Asynchronous testing

Atlas Load allows the user to replay the recorded traffic from Jira or Confluence at a later time. This gives administrators the advantage to control their testing schedule and allows them to perform their testing asynchronously from the period when traffic was generated.

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Q: What is it compatible with?

A: Jira and Confluence

Q: How do I try Atlas Load?

If you’re still facing trouble, please reach out to our service desk here.