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Atlassian Solution Specialist

Atlas Authority is more than just a specialized consulting company, we’re hardcore Atlassian experts and fans. Our core expertise is performance and scale. We focus on improving responsiveness, reducing downtime, and managing technology risk. In addition to our core specialty, we also offer licensing, implementation, and training services. Clients rely on Atlas Authority to support their organization in implementing and using Atlassian applications with minimal risk.

Minimize Risk and Save Money with Our Atlassian Services

Atlas Authority understands the importance of each organization’s unique business processes and how to minimize risk, downtime, and ultimately minimize any negative financial impact on your company. Contact us to discuss the following Atlassian services.

Atlas Authority vs. TAM: What’s the Difference?

Atlassian offers Technical Account Managers (TAM) and although there may be some similarities between our services, here are the differences of working with Atlas Authority versus a TAM:

  • Strategic and Technical Advice
  • Available Support 24/7* (Support is dependent on professional services)
  • Ability to architect, deploy and manage your technical environment
  • Create customized solutions and integrate solutions for specific needs

Please note: In many cases, it’s beneficial to work with both a TAM and Atlas Authority. We do not compete in services. Instead, we complement one another’s expertise.

Atlassian Certifications

Atlas Authority takes pride in completing 13 out of 13 Atlassian certifications

Certification Fun Fact

Atlas Authority knows the in’s and out’s of the Atlassian suite – so well that we actually co-authored the certification tests for Jira administrators and Platinum Experts.