Auditor for Bitbucket

Auditor for Bitbucket gives you the tools you need to enforce company policies, prevent data leaks, and breathe easy.


  • SSH support and SSH access keys are enabled on Bitbucket server
  • If you want to use the Migrate to Git LFS functionality you will need Git LFS support enabled in Bitbucket and git-lfs tool is installed on the Bitbucket server.
  • A user with ADMIN permission for all repositories which you want to impact. This user needs to be set in the Global Configuration.
  • Sufficient free disk space to perform modifications to the repository. This can be up to 5x the size of your largest repository.
    • Repo + Backup + Working Copy + Working Copy during Pack (grows in size till completion then deletes old working copy) + SCM cache


Known Issues:

  • Pull request can be reopened while auditor is running (no corresponding cancellable event provided by bitbucket) causing push fail (
  • Default hook.callback.buffer.capacity (5MB) is not enough to push mirror of large repositories. The workaround is to increase it via file or JVM parameters.
  • Large repositories post-recieve hook may fail with OutOfMemoryError in Bitbucket. The workaround is to increase the maximum heap size.
  • May fail with org.eclipse.jgit.errors.LargeObjectException$ExceedsLimit for some repositories. The workaround is to increase limit using “Max non-file object size” parameter in job configuration.



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