Bandage for Jira and Confluence

Another Atlassian solution from Atlas Authority, Bandage is the fix for longstanding bugs and functionality gaps.

Bandage – Made by technical consultants for Atlassian administrators

For Confluence users, this is a solution that fixes many missing features and bugs. Use Bandage for Confluence to:

  • Delete all attachments on a page
  • Mention groups
  • Open external links in a new window
  • Download tables to CSV

These are all missing aspects of Confluence that users regularly face.

For the Jira Server, use Bandage to:

  • Allow users to Drag and Drop Subtasks
  • Alter the displayed workflow actions
  • Present the last comment in the issue navigator
  • Open links in a new window

These lists aren’t all or nothing. Each user can enable, or disable each function as they desire.

Using Bandage

When you’re ready to start using Bandage, setup is easy. First, install these three requirements:

All users must have the Chrome extension installed. Currently, Atlas Authority has built compatibility only for Chrome. Firefox is in development.



After installing Bandage into the application and adding the extension, you’re nearly set up. But, follow these short steps to complete setup for Bandage:

  • Right-click on the icon now present in the right-hand corner.
  • Select options.
  • Check the fixes you want to see in Jira, Confluence, and for both.
  • Save your settings

The easy check and use boxes apply as soon as you save the changes. Afterwards, each time you load a page the tools will work with Jira and Confluence through your browser. For any questions or bugs, please contact us via our service desk. Atlas Authorities technical consultants are on the lookout to help you and to improve future versions.

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