A set of patched fixes for multiple longstanding
bugs and functionality gaps

Bandage for Confluence

Atlas Authority’s employees are incredibly familiar with the issues above. These issues (bugs) have been outstanding for a long time and it’s well known that they’re functionality gaps within Jira and Confluence. As solutions to help Atlassian Administrators, Atlas Authority created the Bandage for Jira and the Bandage for Confluence apps.

Use Bandage for Jira (server) to address:

Drag and Drop Subtasks (Solves JRACLOUD-24547)

» Allow users to drag and drop subtasks for quick organization

Visible Workflow Transitions (Solves JRACLOUD-37873)

» Gives users the power to customize the number of visible workflow items directly related to the issue

Last Comment in Issue Nav (Solves JRA-2734)

» Display the last comment in the issue navigator

External links in a new window (Solves JRACLOUD-9380)

» By default, open external links in a new window

Use Bandage for Confluence to address:

Delete All Attachments (Solves CONF-17020)

» Provides one button deletion of all attachments on a page

Download Tables to CSV (Solves CONFCLOUD-4625)

» Easily download tables to CSV with one click

External Links in a New Window (Solves CONF-11194)

» By default, open external links in a new window

Group Mentions (Solves CONF-23015)

» Allows mock group mentions by placing all group members as individual mentions into an Expand Macro

Notify Watchers (Solves CONF-8276 & CONF-41512)

» Uncheck Notify Watchers by default

Installing Bandage

Set up is quick and easy. Start with installing these three requirements:

* All users must have the Chrome extension installed. Bandage for Jira and Bandage for Confluence are only compatible with Chrome. We are currently developing for compatibility with Firefox.

Using Bandage

After installing Bandage into the application and adding the extension, follow these four simple steps to complete the setup:

  1. Right-click on the Bandage icon (now present) in the right-hand corner.
  2. Select options.
  3. Check the fixes you want to see in either Jira or Confluence (or both).
  4. Save your settings.

Please note: Once you select your options and click “save”, the changes are immediately applied and active. Each time you load a session in Jira and Confluence, Bandage for Jira and Bandage for Confluence will automatically work with the respective applications through your browser. With each app, each user has the ability to enable or disable each function.


Q: Is this integration method supported by Atlassian?

A: No. It is important to understand that this works by making changes to the Jira and Confluence interface in your browser. Please keep in mind that when Atlassian changes these applications, Bandage for Jira and Confluence will break and will not function correctly. Atlas Authority will work to fix the browser extensions as soon as possible to prevent breaking changes to occur. Please help us by filing bugs in our bug tracker.

Q: Which browser is Bandage for Jira or Confluence compatible with?

A: At this time, it is compatible with Chrome. Firefox is currently under development.

Q: What version is Bandage for Jira currently on?

A: Jira Cloud • Released 2017-09-18

Q: What version is Bandage for Confluence currently on?

A: Confluence Cloud • Released 2017-09-18

If your question is not listed, please reach out via our service desk here.