Atlas Authority is a boutique firm that provides JIRA and Confluence consulting with the best ROI.


Bandage provides in-browser fixes to longstanding bugs and functionality gaps in Atlassian products.


In order to use this tool you will need to install both:


  • Open external links in JIRA both Confluence in a new tab
  • Shows the last comment for an issue in the Issue Navigator
  • Export tables to CSV from Confluence
  • Unchecks the “Notify Watchers” checkbox in Confluence on page load, this is the only one enabled by default
  • Adds Delete All button to Attachments page in Confluence
  • Allows group mention like functionality using the ~groupmentions shortcut.

All options can be enabled or disabled on a per user basis


Once your administrator has installed the add-on into the Atlassian application, and you have installed the browser extension, all you have to do is right click on the icon in the upper right hand corner, and then click on Options





Then configure the fixes that you want to see applied, and you are done. From this point out, every time you load a page the two tools will work together to make your experience better.

If you run into any bugs, please report them at on Bitbucket