11 monday.com Integrations To Improve Your Workflow

by | Jul 29, 2021

You might already know that monday.com is a powerful platform for project management. But you might not be aware of how many helpful monday.com integrations exist to help you streamline and improve your processes.

This article will highlight 11 of the most powerful monday.com integrations and how they can help you improve your workflow. While this is far from a complete list of integrations, it gives you a good idea of the variety of options you have to improve your project management.

11 monday.com integrations

1. Jira

Jira is another essential tool in your project management toolkit. Luckily, monday.com has seamless integration with Jira to help you manage tasks and issues that come up in the course of your workflow. You can create a two-way sync so that data flows back and forth between the tools rather than just pushing the data in a unidirectional flow from one to the other. 

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2. Zapier

Zapier, if you are unfamiliar, is itself a product integration tool. Using Zapier, monday.com users can build their own customizations with other apps available within the Zapier platform. This can be beneficial when monday.com doesn’t already have an easily available native integration. The integrations within Zapier are called “zaps,” and the more zaps you build, the more useful this integration will be.

3. Microsoft Teams

Sometimes you might feel like it’s a Slack and Zoom world, but Microsoft Teams is also a powerful tool for team collaboration brought to you by Bill Gates. Using this monday.com integration, you will be able to connect monday.com boards to Team channels. Another powerful aspect is the ability to get notifications from your boards and create new items through the monday bot. You can then convert these notifications into action items.

4. Microsoft Outlook

Look out! monday.com also integrates with Microsoft Outlook. This makes it easy to connect up your email with monday.com project management if you use Microsoft Outlook for your email system. Emails can become action items on a monday.com board. However, to use this integration you must have a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license. Sorry, pirated copies won’t cut it.

5. Hubspot

Hubspot, everyone’s favorite all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support system, also integrates with monday.com. Want to manage your leads, contacts and customers in monday.com? Now you can! Then, use Hubspot to send marketing emails, publish blog posts, create social media, and a variety of other essential tasks. 

6. WooCommerce

You can now hook up your WooCommerce e-comm platform with monday.com — woo!  This integration will help you stay on top of everything going on with your online store. Keep track of products, never lose sight of your inventory, and even find all of your customer orders in one easy-to-use place.

7. Salesforce

If you’ve ever used Salesforce.com, you know what a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool it is. But your monday.com integration with Salesforce will make it even more powerful. Keep an eye on your entire sales pipeline, from prospects to leads to customers as they move through your marketing and sales funnel. Pull your customer data right into monday.com to start managing your pipeline more efficiently.

8. Slack

It seems if you have a desk job in 2021, you are probably using Slack to chat with your colleagues, share important files, or send memes while you should be working. Integrating monday.com can make team collaboration more efficient. When you update a due date in monday.com, for example, a Slack notification can be automatically sent to those affected. Your conversations can be synced across both Slack and monday.com for consistency and convenience.

9. Dropbox

Like Google’s or Apple’s cloud, Dropbox makes it easy to share files, large or small, on the internet. And with a monday.com integration, you can attach and share your Dropbox files within the monday.com platform as well. Sharing your files and collaborating with your colleagues has never been easier.

10. Zoom

The video meeting tool Zoom, like monday.com, is an important tool for remote workers. Anyone who had to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic is now intimately familiar with Zoom’s functionality. So, why not integrate your Zoom with monday.com to improve your project management? You can set your Zoom calls within any monday.com board. This helps you add context to your meetings and gets everyone involved on the same page with ease. 

11. Excel

Excel is still the gold standard in spreadsheeting (although Google’s Sheets may be nipping at its heels), so being able to integrate your Excel files with monday.com is essential. You can import and export your Excel sheets to monday.com with ease. And who knows — you may be ready to give up your Excel spreadsheets entirely once imported in monday.com, and use monday.com to accomplish these tasks even more efficiently (but hey, we’re not trying to rush you into it).

Concluding thoughts on monday.com integrations

There are many more monday.com integrations available, from Google Drive to Gmail to Adobe Creative Cloud. And each of these has the possibility of making your workflow more efficient and your work life much better.

The 11 integrations mentioned in this article are a great start to streamlining your processes and making your project management more agile. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how monday.com can help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Now that you have a sample of the  monday.com integrations that might interest you, are you looking for a partner to help you with monday.com integrations and more? Reach out to us here at Atlas Authority, where we can help your team be faster, better, and more profitable.

Brian M. Reiser is an SEO and content marketing consultant.

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