Atlas Authority is Proud to be an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

by | Jul 23, 2020

After more than a decade of collaborating with Atlassian to offer best-in-class technology solutions, we are proud to announce that we have expanded our relationship with Atlassian to become a Gold Solution Partner. This means that Atlassian has recognized our extensive mastery of the Atlassian technology stack and our deep understanding of how the ecosystem works to integrate with different environments and yield superior performance for our clients. Becoming a Gold Solution Partner is an important milestone for our organization, as it will allow us to explore new opportunities, deliver better service to clients, and expand our footprint in the business space.
Atlassian Gold Solution partner badge

Becoming a Gold Solution Partner

With over 14 years of experience in helping organizations maximize technology, Atlas Authority empowers organizations with integrated technology solutions that improve business performance, increase operational efficiency, and accelerate growth. Our team of highly-skilled Atlassian experts has enabled clients to grow their businesses and play a key role in reshaping the future of their respective industries.

To become a Gold Solution Partner, we had to demonstrate our deep dedication to the Atlassian technology stack and in-depth expertise of the ecosystem, in addition to showcasing a strong commitment to providing innovative and value-added solutions that help clients achieve success. Atlas Authority proudly supports a diverse portfolio of clients from all industries, such as Roblox, First National Bank of America, and Hootsuite, with our end-to-end professional services that include licensing, implementations, training, support services, and application development. Over the last decade, our team has manifested its ability to ensure that all Atlassian environments are high-performing, scalable, and enable teams to deliver better and faster results.

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First National Bank of America

“Atlassian products are remarkably powerful and have empowered businesses around the world to generate greater efficiencies, deliver better business outcomes, and drive their businesses forward,” stated Boris Berenberg, Founder of Atlas Authority. “We are honored to expand our partnership with Atlassian in becoming a Gold Solution Partner. This is an important step in our journey that will allow us to improve how we serve as a strategic partner to our clients, helping them maximize the Atlassian technology stack to accelerate growth and innovation within their organizations. Lastly, I would also like to thank our Atlas Authority team members, some of whom are former Atlassian staff members, for their immense efforts and precise attention to detail with every project. They have played a vital role in helping Atlas Authority reach this significant milestone, and I am thankful for their profound dedication to the Atlassian ecosystem”

– Berenberg concluded.

Gold Solution Partner and Marketplace Vendor

Atlassian Marketplace logoIn addition to supporting clients with our robust professional services and end-to-end solutions, Atlas Authority also offers custom software development services to meet specific business requirements. In fact, we have built 14 innovative applications for the Atlassian Marketplace, which have over 2 million licensed users across more than 10,000 systems running Atlassian Software. Our contributions to the Atlassian Marketplace have given various organizations the ability to enhance the performance of their Atlassian software while also maximizing their technology investment.

Continuing the Journey as an Atlassian Solution Partner

Atlas Authority strives to empower businesses every step of the way through the digital journey, making sure that our clients’ technology stacks become an inherent part of the organization’s day-to-day operations – everyone from Human Resources to Finance to IT. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide our clients with the tools and resources that help them achieve success and take their business to the next level. Elevating our collaboration with Atlassian and becoming a Gold Solution Partner provides us with a platform to accomplish more with our clients, as well as commit more resources to broaden our depth of expertise and experience with the Atlassian tools.

We look forward to this next chapter of growing our collaboration with Atlassian so that we can continue creating solution opportunities that allow our clients to achieve operational excellence, promote collaboration, and carry out their strategic vision. As we continue our journey with Atlassian, we hope to continue pushing boundaries in the digital landscape and propelling businesses forward.

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