Why Organizations are Choosing the Atlassian Cloud

by | Sep 2, 2021

For companies thinking about moving to the Atlassian Cloud, we’ve compiled some of the top reasons that other Atlassian customers do so. We also summarize the key differentiators among Cloud, Server, and Data Center, so you can make an informed decision.

More than 90% of new Atlassian customers choose Cloud from the start, according to a TechValidate survey. And customers who originally chose server and recently migrated to the cloud, 90% say they recommend making the switch. (Check out many more great data points from the Atlassian Cloud migration survey, including seeing results by industry.)

So, why are so many Atlassian customers choosing Cloud? The answer boils down to three core benefits:

ROI of the Atlassian Cloud

When it comes to total cost of ownership, the equation looks different on Cloud. On Cloud, you’ll get security, compliance, and governance capabilities out-of-the-box, so you can reallocate the time and labor you had been spending on those tasks to other business initiatives. Sixty-five percent of the customers surveyed migrated to Cloud to eliminate the costs of hosting and hardware.


Atlassian is cloud-first, so the bulk of their innovation, research, and development investments are focused on Atlassian Cloud. That means Cloud customers can benefit from immediate access to the latest innovations, updates, security upgrades, and compliance features. You’ll have access to the latest and greatest from Atlassian and never have to wonder if you’re up-to-date or falling behind.

Improving Speed

Cloud can help teams move faster and collaborate more easily through better integrations and Cloud mobile apps. Cloud customers can also flex capacity, ramp up new projects, and onboard departments — without losing precious time. It’s no surprise that improving the speed of IT delivery is one of the top reasons companies move to Cloud.


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Key Differentiators Between Atlassian Cloud, Data Center, and Server

Now that we’ve outlined the core benefits of Atlassian Cloud customers, let’s dive into more specifics to see how it compares with the self-hosted options of Server and Data Center.

Atlassian Cloud

Rather than installing and maintaining Atlassian products on your own servers; Atlassian will host, set up, secure and maintain your products in the cloud for you.

In addition to the top benefits outlined above — reduced cost, access to innovation and upgrades, and speedier delivery — Atlassian Cloud offers more benefits, such as:

  • Work on the go: Atlassian’s Cloud products enable your teams to take their work anywhere and can be accessed securely from any browser or through Atlassian Cloud mobile apps.
  • Security: Atlassian keeps your organization secure and compliant, with real-time security updates and rigorous practices to track and protect your information.
  • Scale with confidence: In Cloud, Atlassian handles the procurement of inventory and storage space so you can respond immediately to dynamic spikes in demand and team growth.

Data Center and Server

Atlassian Data Center and Atlassian Server allow you to install, host, and run Atlassian products yourself on your own hardware. Atlassian has discontinued Server license sales and will be ending support for Server in 2024. However, Data Center is still available for customers who want a self-hosted option.

Atlassian Data Center is an enterprise solution that enables customers to maintain control over their environment, helping them meet their unique security, compliance, and scale demands.

With Data Center, you can choose to either stay on-prem or start leveraging the benefits of cloud computing by deploying behind your own firewall in public cloud providers such as AWS or Azure.

Teams choose Data Center or Server when they:

  • Want advanced control: Teams who want to manage all the details may like the flexibility of Server or Data Center.
  • Need data locality: Customers with strict data hosting and localization requirements may choose Server or Data Center, although in many cases Cloud is still a good option.
  • Have experience with self-hosted applications: Teams who are able to handle the complexity of setting up and hosting applications on their own servers — and feel confident securing and maintaining them over time — may choose Server or Data Center.

We hope that provides a clear picture of the benefits and differences of Cloud, Server, and Data Center. If you are considering moving to the Atlassian Cloud, we recommend reading more in the Data Migration Guide. It’s also helpful to team up with a trusted Atlassian partner like us — we understand all of these options and can help you do what’s right for your business. Contact Atlas Authority today to discuss your Atlassian needs.

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