Atlassian Summit 2019 Top 20 Talks

How many talks do you think there were at Atlassian Summit 2019? There were 87! How long are all of them if you add them up? ~ 88.4 hours. And because we are waiting for Game of Thrones to wrap up before we marathon it, we watched every single Summit session instead. But we didn’t stop there, we also transcribed the talks and analyzed the most common words. After a bit of cleanup, we ended up with this fun word cloud (the word team was said ~1436 times):

Based on our review of every single Summit session, we compiled a list of 20 talks we recommend you watch now that Summit is over. This isn’t to say that the other talks aren’t worth your time, but this Summit in Las Vegas was number 9 for me! One may assume that the content gets repetitive or boring after being an avid Summit attendee, however these talks still had really interesting takeaways from which I learned something.

Because 20 talks is still a lot to watch, we’ve broken them out into talks for Administrators, and talks for End-users of the tools. Either group can watch the other’s portion, but if you are an End-user, the Administrator content may be a bit dry for you. Overall, we’re avoiding providing specific summaries of the talks because we don’t want to skew your perspective on them. Nonetheless, if there are any topics you’d like to discuss after watching them, please do reach out. Without further ado:




Upgrade planning. The talk is focused on Jira, but really applies to all Atlassian products:

Improving adoption. Look for specific tips on how to interact with users:

Selecting Marketplace Apps:




Ethics in product development (probably my personal favorite):

How to succeed in a remote role:

How to use Atlassian applications for non technical teams (one of the areas where we see the highest customer satisfaction):

Change how you perceive your work to do better:


Interesting talk about how Jira scaled, especially for non technical teams:

Merging / Migrating systems. This is an area where we see a lot of client pain, and there are a number of excellent talks in this space:

Governance is the most important thing for scale:


Good foundational talk about large agile teams:

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