Integrate Jira and for Cross-Department Success

by | Mar 30, 2021

Check out specific use cases for integrating Jira and in our webinar: Integrating Jira & for Cross-Department Success. More details below.

Maybe you’ve been in this situation: one department is using, and another department is using Jira. It doesn’t have to halt productivity. Both systems are powerful engines to help teams run successfully, and by leveraging both we can connect teams in order to break down silos and elevate the productivity of the organization.

In upcoming posts, we will be exploring how companies in that exact situation — using both Jira and — can successfully integrate the software and make sure all departments can seamlessly work together. We will discuss how to maximize your technology investment in both Jira and, without creating divisions.

Why integrate Jira and

Many companies experience the friction of interdepartmental workflow dynamics at one point or another, especially as they grow. Because technology purchases often happen from the bottom up, as opposed to an enterprise-level investment, it’s common for different departments to use different software to manage their workflow. 

For example, the IT team, typically early adopters of the agile mindset, might’ve already been using Jira to manage day-to-day workflow. Meanwhile, the marketing team independently implemented to manage projects and workflow. Marketing and IT, like many departments, have to be able to work together nimbly on large projects, such as creating and maintaining websites. 

This situation doesn’t have to create silos that limit progress across the company. In fact, it’s an opportunity to improve collaboration. By integrating the software you’ve already invested in (Jira and, you can help departments communicate more effectively with each other, while still maintaining their chosen workflow. Ideally, connecting the workflow like this will help teams learn and grow from one another, and improve efficiency and productivity across the organization as a whole.

The road to business agility is long and full of potholes. Sure, it would be great if everyone could use one software, but investing in software at all is a sign that a company is moving toward digital transformation. Companies succeeding at business agility invest in next-generation technology like Jira and

Companies succeeding at business agility invest in next-generation technology like Jira and

Examples of how companies successfully integrate Jira and

At Atlas Authority, we are huge fans of both Jira and We are certified partners to both Atlassian and, helping clients implement and customize the software to meet their business needs. 

Here are a couple examples of how Jira and can work together:

  • Web development: To continue the example above, a marketing team and a development team often have to communicate when creating a website. If marketing is using, and dev is using Jira, they can integrate the platforms to speak back and forth. For example, marketing can report a bug to dev, and dev can report a fix back.
  • HR recruiting: An HR team uses to track recruiting and hiring status of new employees. The IT team uses Jira. By integrating both platforms, the HR team can easily alert IT of new employees, and the IT team in turn can alert HR that new accounts have been set up.

While you can integrate both Jira and, there are limitations. We are exploring even more creative ways to solve for unique challenges.

Learn more: & Jira integration webinar

We demonstrate these examples and more in our Jira and integration webinar

Overall, the goal of the webinar is to help companies leverage powerful software like Jira and to their full potential, so that teams can also reach their full potential to do better work.

Caroline Adams is Senior Consultant at Atlas Authority.

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