Enhance your Atlassian Applications:
Pig Latin Language Extension

This post was published for April Fools 2019. 😉

According to Wikipedia, there are more than 700 programming languages, and based on Ethnologue’s findings, there are 7,111 languages spoken today. We searched and Pig Latin wasn’t included in any of those statistics… until now.

How to Speak Pig Latin

Pig Latin is an American dialect, created around 1869, that people used to speak in code. To form Pig Latin words from words beginning with a consonant (e.g., hello) or a consonant cluster (e.g., switch), simply move the consonant or consonant cluster from the start of the word to the end of the word. Then add the suffix “-ay” to the end of the word. Using “hello” as an example, the Pig Latin code would be “ello hay”.

Using Pig Latin with Atlassian

Clients rely on Atlas Authority to support their organization by implementing and using Atlassian applications. Taking it a step further, Atlas Authority created the Pig Latin language extension to help organizations enhance user adoption with their Atlassian tools. It allows users to effectively communicate and collaborate, while naturally increasing user adoption.

Benefits of Using Pig Latin with Atlassian

Cross-department collaboration

These days, it’s common to see developers and business teams working in silos. By using the Pig Latin language extension, everyone has the opportunity to speak in code, making it easier for complete collaboration across all Atlassian applications.

Learning curve

Learning a new language (and technology) takes time and patience. The Pig Latin language extension removes the complexity of learning a completely new language while giving English speaking users the ability to add another language to their list of skill sets. Since learning Pig Latin requires minimal training, it allows users to spend their time learning how to properly use Jira and all of Atlassian’s applications.

Contain the chaos

Do you have employees with the same first name? Do they often receive Jira tickets in error because the person who assigned it to them, didn’t pay attention to the spelling of their name? With the Pig Latin language extension, the ‘Brians’ and ‘Bryans’ in the world will have all of their troubles whisked away. With it being installed, names are easily identified and less likely mistaken.

A Layer of Security

Since the Pig Latin language extension is installed on your Atlassian instance, it doesn’t necessarily include the entire organization. For example, Jira could be used by support and developer teams but not the finance team. Because of that, if you’re discussing a ‘top secret’ project in Pig Latin with a team member while walking down the hall, you don’t need to end the discussion in fear of other colleagues overhearing the details. Instead, your Pig Latin chat will sound like code and your conversation will be secure.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

By constantly reading and working in Pig Latin, users naturally speak their new language outside of work. Imagine being in a situation where you’re frustrated and simply want to yell. Now you can do it in Pig Latin and know that others won’t be offended.

How it Works

Only Atlassian application Administrators are able to install the Pig Latin language extension. Additionally, it’s available on server and Data Center. It is not currently available on Cloud instances. Installing the language extension is incredibly easy, follow these steps:


  1. Download the Pig Latin language extension here
  2. Copy the code
  3. Configure the announcement banner In your Atlassian application
    (Administrator Settings → System → User Interface → Announcement banner)
  4. Paste the code → Set Banner
  5. The page will go all white, this is ok. Manually refresh the page and enjoy.

Common Questions

Q: Will learning Pig Latin raise my IQ?

A: Yes. There’s no question that learning a new language always makes someone smarter, not to mention more marketable.

Q: Can I consider myself bi-lingual after mastering Pig Latin?

A: Yes. As mentioned, being bi-lingual makes you even more marketable, not to mention more attractive.

Q: How common is Pig Latin? Is it widely used?

A: While the American dialect is commonly known, it is not widely used, making it the perfect language to use to harbor your secrets.

Q: Will learning Pig Latin help me in my career?

A: Absolutely. This is a language not many can execute at an expert-level. Translating your work into Pig Latin will ensure you’ll be “essential.”

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