Product Highlight: Using Linchpin and Confluence for Organizational Charts

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Confluence

Structural chart

The structure chart organizes people in a chart based on different profile data. Nearly any field can be used to set the organizational structure. It is possible to use departments, locations or job titles to build a customized structure. Each node will display the right users dynamically based on the users selection in their profile. You want to sync the data from an external directory – go for it! All you need to do is set the initial structure in the administration and you have a visual representation of your company’s structure.


With Confluence and Linchpin, creating your organizational chart takes just a few clicks. After that, the chart stays up-to-date as employees come and go. You can even remind employees to update their profiles by using a feature within Linchpin called “pings.” Organizational charts are now less of a hassle and more of the useful guidebook to your organization.

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