What to Consider Before Migrating to the Atlassian Cloud

by | Aug 5, 2021

So you’ve decided to migrate your Atlassian instance to the cloud. Before you embark on the journey, it’s important to do the prep work that will make your migration run more smoothly and meet your goals. We highly recommend reading this short playbook outlining everything you need to consider before migrating your Atlassian instance to the cloud: 


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Understanding Requirements for Atlassian Cloud Migration

Who is involved? What are your security requirements? How will you measure success? Those are just a few of the questions any organization should ask before you start an Atlassian cloud migration. The Data Migration Guide goes into more detail on each of the below steps. We’ve provided a high-level summary for you here.

What is your migration timeline? 

Your Atlassian migration timeline is based on your size and unique needs. Factors that play a role in the level of complexity include people, data, apps, testing, and stakeholders. 

For apps, you should look at the number of critical apps you have, whether they’re available in the cloud (or have alternatives), and whether they have migration pathways.

What is your cloud migration budget? 

While migrating to the Atlassian cloud will result in long-term cost savings, it can cause short-term accounting issues when shifting your payment model. Make sure to settle things with your accounting team and prepare your budget accordingly.

How many Atlassian users and how many products are we talking about? 

Before your Atlassian cloud migration, it’s time to take inventory and do a good spring cleaning of your users and access list. Make sure you have a clear picture of the products and apps you need, and who will have access. Ensure everyone still needs a seat in the products and apps they are using.

What about security, compliance, and privacy?

Every organization has different needs and regulations. Work with your legal stakeholder to understand any regulatory standards you have to comply with and find an Atlassian plan that’s the best fit.

What are your goals for migrating and how will you measure success?

Many organizations are moving to the cloud for reasons such as reducing overhead and speeding up product releases and onboarding. What goal is your organization trying to achieve? (We provide several ideas in the Data Migration Guide.)

Who needs to be involved in your Atlassian cloud migration?

Get your Atlassian cloud migration team ready to rock. Common roles include a project owner, an approver to sign off on major decisions, team members with specific knowledge, and stakeholders from various teams to provide feedback. 

Could you use another experienced band member? In many cases, it makes sense to hire an Atlassian partner like Atlas Authority to help you navigate the complexities of a cloud migration. Contact Atlas Authority to discuss your Atlassian cloud migration today.

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