Grouping attachments in JIRA Cloud

Our customers use JIRA® to track A/B tests in their product. This involves providing multiple screenshots of each of the options they are testing, and JIRA® doesn’t have a simple way to bundle attachments into groups. On server there are apps that can help with this, but in Cloud we had to get creative.


How indexing Postgres and flushing caches impacts performance

Performance problems in Atlassian® tools are our bread and butter. Customers frequently tell us that their database is what is causing the slowdown. In our experience this has rarely been the root cause, but need to understand what knobs we can turn, and what the impact will be in order to help customers improve performance. (more…)

How to snooze issues in JIRA

I often have to maintain ownership of an issue while waiting on a response from someone else. These issues crowd my board, and I need to make them disappear until I need to follow up on them. So how do we snooze JIRA® issues? (more…)