Meeting Mate

Meeting Mate allows users to quickly and easily coordinate meetings with other people in tickets across time zones.


Basic Usage:

  1. Visit a ticket in Jira
  2. Slide the blue dot to set the time at which you think the meeting will work for everyone
  3. Click Add to Calendar
  4. Set the meeting Summary (required)
  5. Set the meeting Description
  6. Set the meeting Location
  7. Click either on Google if you want to create an event in your Google Calendar, or ICS if you want to import it into another calendar.


  • You can configure which users are pulled into the invite by clicking on the cog icon
  • Then select the sources of users

Auditor for Bitbucket

Auditor for Bitbucket gives you the tools you need to enforce company policies, prevent data leaks, and breathe easy.


  • SSH support and SSH access keys are enabled on Bitbucket server
  • If you want to use the Migrate to Git LFS functionality you will need Git LFS support enabled in Bitbucket and git-lfs tool is installed on the Bitbucket server.
  • A user with ADMIN permission for all repositories which you want to impact. This user needs to be set in the Global Configuration.
  • Sufficient free disk space to perform modifications to the repository. This can be up to 5x the size of your largest repository.
    • Repo + Backup + Working Copy + Working Copy during Pack (grows in size till completion then deletes old working copy) + SCM cache


Known Issues:

  • Pull request can be reopened while auditor is running (no corresponding cancellable event provided by bitbucket) causing push fail (
  • Default hook.callback.buffer.capacity (5MB) is not enough to push mirror of large repositories. The workaround is to increase it via file or JVM parameters.
  • Large repositories post-recieve hook may fail with OutOfMemoryError in Bitbucket. The workaround is to increase the maximum heap size.
  • May fail with org.eclipse.jgit.errors.LargeObjectException$ExceedsLimit for some repositories. The workaround is to increase limit using “Max non-file object size” parameter in job configuration.



iFrames for JIRA Cloud

Many systems and applications administrators have found themselves wishing for a simple tool to embed external data into a Jira dashboard. Atlas Authority delivered with iFrames for Jira Cloud. With this easy to use gadget, you can quickly and embed external data into your Jira dashboard.


Atlas Load

Atlas Load records and replays production application traffic which allows administrators to make changes confidently.


From Atlas Authority, iFramed is the macro that allows any user to easily embed an iFrame into a page. Improve your pages or blog posts with this simple Confluence Macro.  (more…)

Active User Filter for Jira

The Active User Filter app is the solution that JIRA administrators have been waiting for. This Atlassian solution allows administrators to filter active and inactive users. With a simple interface, version 1.0.2 can now also export user data to CSV.