Comparing tools for Merging and Migrating Jira Instances

As an Atlassian Partner, one of the tasks we commonly help organizations with is migrating Jira projects between two instances. Migrations are challenging to do well without leveraging some of the excellent configuration management tools from the Marketplace. The focus of this post is to compare Configuration Manager for Jira by Botron and Project Configurator for Jira by Adaptavist.

Our comparison comes from the perspective of merging or splitting instances in complex enterprise environments. We are not comparing the tools ability to promote configurations from Staging to Production, or any other use case.

[table id=4 /]


We believe that neither tool has a huge advantage on the other. We tend to use both, and the main deciding factor comes down to how they interact with a customer’s data. The small idiosyncrasies and bugs the apps have truly made the biggest difference.


  • Both vendors were given pre-release copies of the above table to offer their opinion and correct any inaccuracies/mistakes we made.
  • We’re on great terms with both vendors and benefit financially from doing business with them.