DuraSync for

Access the up-to-date data you need, all within Sync databases and RESTful apps with your boards. Reduce unnecessary work, keep systems up-to-date, and improve overall efficiency with this easy-to-use application.

Even More Collaboration

If you’re using, you already know how it powers your team to work more effectively. Now imagine using to simplify other tools and make collaboration even more effortless. The new DuraSync app pulls in information from remote sources into a board, so your team has the insights they need to succeed.


Reduce time spent duplicating data between outside systems and

Customer Satisfaction

Make workflow improvements that boost overall business output and performance

Easy-to-Use Technology

Keeping teams in sync across multiple tools used to be hard. Now that problem can be solved in just a few clicks. Make the center of your workflow, while still enabling you to access and use legacy technology.

Fast & Easy Work

Configuration of DuraSync for is a breeze. The app is intuitive and simple, yet powerful and versatile.

Create Results

Start seeing your data come into your boards in minutes!

Technical Features


Quickly and efficiently syncs data in the background, so you’ll forget it’s even there


Powerful column mapping and synchronization schedules using the popular Crontab format

ExpertLY designed

Created for real use cases, to help organizations bridge the gap between technology

Powerful Integration

Supports multiple types of databases from PostgreSQL to Microsoft SQL Server


Our documentation walks you through the process of setup and configuration, and our customer service team is available to answer your questions

Free Updates

You’ll get new features without having to pay more

Use Cases

The DuraSync application helps sync valuable data from other sources, so they can track information like:

  • Customer data 
  • Production line pricing
  • Campaign results
  • Booked appointments

Working with Atlas Authority and has allowed us to get all of our ticketing data across divisions in one centralized place so we can better manage ticket assignment, progress, and resolution – which has led to immediate increases in customer satisfaction

Matt Tesdell

Vice President, Tesdell Electric

Get Started Today

Try out our app today for and see how it can help you and your teams work better together.

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