Seamlessly Embed Tableau Views in Confluence

Tableau for Confluence – Pro

Easily Embed a Tableau View in Confluence

Enter the name of the Tableau Workbook and the View. That’s it, you’re done!

Control Access to Tableau Data

Embed Tableau data as an image. This restricts the user from editing the view and allows the data to cache.

Embed as Interactive Tableau View

With the interactive checkbox option selected, users can interact with the Tableau view and customize it to meet their needs.


  • Easy and Intuitive: Tableau for Confluence – Pro is quick to set up and install.
  • Switch between Interactive Views: Depending on how reports are configured, Tableau for Confluence – Pro allows users to change data on the fly. Toggle between the checkmark options for interactive or flat views.
  • Improved usability: Tableau for Confluence – Pro provides the option to automatically size the chart, and has other usability functions such as drop downs and autocomplete. 
  • Control and Access: This Atlassian application gives the user control over what they want to display when sharing their Tableau data.
  • Share reports created in Tableau Server on your Confluence pages to unify your data reporting.
  • Applying filters to dashboards to focus on what’s important. Display your reports as interactive visualizations, or as static cacheable images.
  • Keep your Tableau data secure by restrict users from changing Tableau dashboards or views from within Confluence pages. Set up permission to restrict users’ ability to print Tableau data within Confluence.


Q: What are the possible parameters for this macro?

A: You can find all of the parameters here.

Q: What version is it on?

A: 1.0.2  |  Released 2018-10-19

Q: What is it compatible with?

A: Atlassian Confluence Server 6.0.1 – 6.13.0

Q: Is it available for cloud versions?

A: We do not have a Pro version for Cloud yet but we have a Cloud application. Check it out here.

Troubleshooting Tableau for Confluence – Pro

If users are not seeing reports appearing as expected, you can test that trusted authentication is properly working by adding the Key debugusername and then setting the Value to a single debug user which you want to use for testing purposes.

  • If this fails to resolve the behavior, then you need to revisit the Tableau Server Configuration section above
  • If this works, then your users are not properly licensed in Tableau

If your question is not listed, please reach out via our service desk here.