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Grouping attachments in JIRA Cloud

Our customers use JIRA to track A/B tests in their product. This involves providing multiple screenshots of each of the options they are testing, and JIRA doesn’t have a simple way to bundle attachments into groups. On server there are add-ons that can help with this, but in Cloud we had to get creative.

Instead of trying to have actual distinct attachment groups, we realized that what we really needed was to display attachments in groups. The solution was to use wiki render fields which are each populated with the attachments you need.


  1. Create two Text Field (multi-line) called Bucket 1 and Bucket 2
  2. Add these fields to the appropriate screens
  3. Update the renderers for each of the fields in the appropriate¬†Field Configuration to be “Wiki Style Renderer”
  4. Attach the files to the ticket
  5. Put the markup in the right field

The GIF on the right shows a demo with images being grouped, but this will actually work with any file type.

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