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Atlassian Solution Specialist

Atlas Authority is a specialized consulting company. Our core expertise is performance and scale. We focus on improving responsiveness, reducing downtime, and managing technology risk. In addition to our core specialty, we also offer licensing, implementation, and training services. Clients rely on Atlas Authority to support their organization in implementing and using Atlassian applications with minimal risk.

Atlassian Services

Atlas Authority understands the importance of each organization’s unique business processes and how to minimize risk, downtime, and ultimately minimize any negative financial impact on your company. Contact us to discuss the following Atlassian services.

Why Companies Trust Atlas Authority

Atlassian Experts

Atlas Authority has 14+ years of general Atlassian expertise

Product Expertise

There are 4,300+ instances of our apps with 2 million+ licensed users

Real People Real Solutions

We offers performance and scaling solutions for all organizations


We provide professional services to efficiently minimize your risk and reduce cost. While we focus on improving responsiveness, reducing downtime, and managing tech risk, we also offer licensing, implementation, training, support services, and app creation.


In addition to our mission-critical professional services, we provide apps to empower your Atlassian stack. With more than 2 million licensed app users, we’ve created more than 10 apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. Our apps are thoughtful and relevant to all business industries.

Our Clients Trust Atlas Authority

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