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How to snooze issues in JIRA

I often have to maintain ownership of an issue while waiting on a response from someone else. These issues crowd my board, and I need to make them disappear until I need to follow up on them. So how do we snooze JIRA issues?

  1. Create a new Date Time custom field named Snooze Until
  2. Place it on the right screens for the projects you want to snooze issues in
    1. If you’re having trouble, navigate to the issues you want to change and use the JIRA Admin Helper’s Field Helper¬†functionality
  3. Go to a test issue and set the date and time to tomorrow
  4. Add a quick filter to your Scrum or Kanban boards which uses the following JQL, and then enable it:
    "Snooze Until" < now() or 
    "Snooze Until" is empty
  5. You can now quickly hide issues until the appropriate time
  6. If you want to find issues which you have snoozed for the future, you can use an inverse JQL query:
    "Snooze Until" > now()
  7. These JQL statements can be combined with other queries you make to power Dashboards and other configured items such as JIRA Portfolio plans.
  8. But what do you do if you need an issue to pop back up if someone else updates, comments, or transitions it?
    1. If you have a JIRA Service Desk project then you can use Service Desk Automation to automatically clear the Snooze Until value
    2. If you need to handle this in JIRA Core or JIRA Software projects you will need to use the Automation for JIRA (server, cloud) add-on and configure it to also clear the Snooze Until field when an issue is updated


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