iFramed is a simple Confluence® Macro that allows any user to embed an iFrame in a page or a blog post.

Screenshot of add-on

HipChatTM inline with Spotify within a Confluence® page.


Insert the iFrame macro into a Confluence® page, then paste a URL into it like so:

basic iframe usage

If you want to customize the sizing of the iFrame, please use one of the following unit formats:

  • Just a number – 100
  • Number of pixels – 100px
  • Number of ems – 10em
  • Percentage of screen size – 75%


If your iFrame comes up as an empty white box it can be one of two things. Try and disable any ad-blockers you are using. If the issue persists, this means that the remote website has explicitly requested that it not be embedded into another site. If you, or someone in your organization controls the remote website, you can make some tweaks to fix this. Take a look at the documentation for this at: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Access_control_CORS#Access-Control-Allow-Origin 

If you get an error message that says:

Please set a valid width.

and / or

Please set a valid height.

This means that you have entered an iFrame size in an invalid format. Please see above for instructions on supported formats.

If you get an error message that says:

Please provide a valid URL

This means that you have provided a malformed URL. Please note that we only support URLs with the HTTP and HTTPS schemes.

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