Example of a dashboard with iFrames loaded

iFrames for JIRA Cloud

Many systems and applications administrators have found themselves wishing for a simple tool to embed external data into a Jira dashboard. Atlas Authority delivered with iFrames for Jira Cloud. With this easy to use gadget, you can quickly and embed external data into your Jira dashboard.

Using iFrames for Jira Cloud

This couldn’t be easier! Starting from your dashboard follow these easy steps:

  1. Add the macro to your dashboard
  2. Paste the HTTPS link into the URL field
  3. Adjust your height settings for your dashboard.


Review this quick troubleshooting guide to address common concerns.

  1. Is it just not working?
    A: Double check that you’re using a secured link which starts with HTTPS. If your resource isn’t served over HTTPS, it can’t be embedded in iFrames for Jira Cloud.
  2. My gadget is blank. Why?
    A: Ad blockers are the usual suspect here. Try to disable any ad blockers you are currently using.
  3. I disabled my ad blockers, but my gadget is still blank. Why?
    A: It is likely that the website requested that it not be embedded. If you or your company owns this site, you can fix this!
  4. How can I fix my website that is preventing my gadget from working?|
    A: By implementing an Access Control Allow Origin HTTP header. Detailed explanations on how to fix it can be found  in the mozilla docs.

Atlas Authority is a solution-focused company. iFrames for Jira Cloud is one of many tools available to assist in your Jira platform.

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