Notification Assistant for Jira

Take control of your Jira notifications

You use Jira for project management, planning sprints, assigning issues, bug tracking — it’s your day-to-day task management tool. But you’re a busy team, so how do you keep those notifications under control?

With Notification Assistant for Jira, keeping everyone up to date with your projects is easier than ever thanks to custom notifications and precise targeting. Say no to notification spam by notifying exactly who you need, when you need to, and keep your teams seamlessly on track.

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Jira notifications for anyone, anywhere, anytime

Avoid notification fatigue by using JQL queries to trigger notifications based on time definitions or events. Send targeted notifications to recipients based on roles, groups or email addresses (even those outside of Jira Software or Jira Service Management) to make collaboration easier than ever.

Customize and brand Jira notifications 

Maintain your brand identity across your notifications with flexible, customizable, and great looking email templates. You specify the subject, theme, message, and footer; select the relevant fields to display, and top it all off with your own colors, logo, and branding.

Go beyond Jira with Slack and Rest-API integration

Automatically send notifications to Slack and use Notification Assistant for Jira’s easy REST-API to send notifications to your preferred systems. Specify a custom JSON template to contain the specific data you want to share to keep your teams on track and people up to date on their projects.

Install Notification Assistant for Jira today

  • Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes with targeted, custom notifications
  • Share updates with collaborators outside of your Jira instance
  • Drive actions and keep priorities on top by clarifying the purpose of notifications 
  • Keep your notifications on brand with custom emails

Take control of your Jira notifications — Try Notification Assistant for Jira today.


Create and customize notifications based on JQL queries filtered by Jira Issue status, assignee, created date, and more. Notification Assistant for Jira has a powerful interface that provides you the control to create customized email templates. You have the ability to tailor notification messages by clarifying the purpose of the notification. This results in an increased level of awareness and action – keeping issues alive and people involved properly notified. 


Depending on how it’s configured with your environment, use Notification Assistant for Jira to send notifications to recipients outside of your Jira instance. We give you extended Jira functionality by allowing the admin to choose any recipient (this is in addition to what is available in notification schemes). You can leverage custom fields, roles, groups, and even raw email addresses.


You have flexible control to send real-time notifications in response to events or batched on your predetermined schedule. For even greater control, you can specify any JQL query and trigger notifications to be sent based on time definitions or specific events. Use time intervals to keep updates regular, to avoid notification fatigue, and keep everyone’s inboxes clean. 


Go beyond email and automatically notify Slack rooms or REST endpoints. Notification Assistant for Jira has an easy REST-API integration that gives you control on specifying a custom JSON template that contains values from the issue(s) that triggered the notification.


Q: How are notifications configured?

A: Create notifications based on JQL queries. You can configure notifications to trigger Events, Schedules, Cron, Based Date Time Fields, and Field Edits (coming soon).

Q: When creating email templates, which fields are customizable?

A: You can customize any part of the email, such as email subject, email theme, email message and even the email footer! When sending out emails, you have the ability to customize exactly which fields to display. Please keep in mind, customizations require an understanding of Velocity templating.

Q: Are notifications only sent to Jira users?

A: No, notifications can be sent to anyone outside of Jira. You can leverage custom fields, roles, groups, and even raw email addresses.

Q: Does Notification Assistant for Jira integrate with Slack?

A: Yes, you can automatically publish your notifications to Slack.

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