Fully customized communication hub


Test Linchpin for free

Get a concrete idea of how it works and see for yourself just how Linchpin can improve your productivity and collaboration. Test Linchpin quickly and easily by creating your own demonstration instance.


Confluence on the Go

Don’t waste time searching for the information or application that’s important to you – every employee has a personalized homepage on your Linchpin intranet with news and tools to customized to meet their needs.

Localized Intranet Hub

Linchpin helps employees work effeciently together to discuss, create, and improve content. Collaborate effectiveley – quickly and easily share and comment on pages with other users transparently and directly in the right context.

Access to Everyone

Corporate intranets are still too often only available to employees with their own desktop. Linchpin Touch gives access to everyone, no matter where they work, even on the factory floor: news, safety regulations, jobs ads and even the current lunch menu.

Personalized Homepage

Take the stress out of using corporate intranet – create pages intuitively with Linchpin. And images, tables, files, diagrams, videos and more easily to any page. Linchpin has many useful features to simplify your daily work.

Collaborate Effectively

Linchpin intranet are 100% personalized based on your employee’s locations,
departments and the languages they speak. Everyone sees content most relevant to them. Maximize your employees’ productivity and minimize stressful distractions.

Easy to Use

Connect all of your employees who use IOS and Android smarthphones and tablets to your Confluence intranet, even with instances behind your firewall. Keep up with the latest news, collaborate and stay in touch with your colleagues, no matter where you are.