Quick and simple support for Markdown in Confluence

Markdown Macro for Confluence

This macro uses the Flexmark library to convert from Markdown to HTML within Confluence. It can be accessed via:

  • Macro Browser
  • {markdown} tags
  • Via the API using <ac:macro ac:name=”markdown”>Markdown Goes Here</ac:macro>


The Confluence Markdown Macro supports English, French, and German.


Q: Do you support CommonMark?

A: Yes, we support CommonMark spec 0.28. Please visit for details.

Q: What did you use to Performance test?

A: We used Atlas Load. Learn more about it here.

Q: What did you use for code highlighting?

A: Code highlighting is provided via

Q: What version is currently supported?

A: Version 1.3.4 • Confluence Server 5.9.1 – 6.10.1 • Released 2018-05-24

If you’re still facing trouble, please reach out to our service desk here.