Schedule meetings easily and quickly across time zones in Jira tickets

Meeting Mate

is an Atlassian application that allows users to easily coordinate meetings with other members across time zones in Jira tickets. Users can now coordinate, configure event details, invite members, and export to Google or ICS without leaving the Jira application. 

Quickly align user time zones in Jira

User time zones are automatically retrieved from their profiles, resulting in time saved from researching the company directory.

Configure source of meeting members

Without leaving Jira, you have access to set the summary, description, a location of the meeting and quickly invite all relevant members.

Configure events and easily export to your calendar

Quickly invite all members by exporting the event directly to Google or ICS.

How it Works

Basic Usage:

  1. Visit a ticket in Jira
  2. Slide the blue dot to set the time at which you think the meeting will work for everyone
  3. Click Add to Calendar
  4. Set the meeting Summary (required)
  5. Set the meeting Description
  6. Set the meeting Location
  7. Click Google (if you want to create an event in your Google Calendar), or ICS (if you want to import it into another calendar)


  • You can configure which users are pulled into the invite by clicking on the cog icon
  • Then select the sources of users


Q: What version is it on?

A: Jira Cloud• Released 2018-06-01

Q: What is it compatible with?

A: Atlassian Jira

Q: How do you configure the source of meeting members?

A: We allow you to pull users from Comment authors, Worklog authors, Watchers, Assignee, Reporter, Creator, and user type Custom fields.

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