Atlassian Migration Services

Minimal Downtime and Maximum Performance

Migrations are highly-complex processes that involve numerous components and require meticulous focus because of the impact they can have on your critical business systems and, ultimately, your business. A successful migration is the smooth transfer of data and applications with minimal downtime. A solid migration strategy helps contribute to reduced costs and optimized performance. Because the process is so rigorous and necessitates the utmost attention, it is vital to find a trusted partner that can help navigate through this high-risk operation so that your organization can focus on its core competencies and achieve your business objectives. Focus on what you do best and Atlas Authority will take care of the rest. 

Atlas Authority’s team is truly committed to our success. They developed a comprehensive migration plan demonstrating their extensive technology knowledge and understanding of our requirements. Through the course of our migration, Atlas Authority was responsive, well-prepared, and knowledgeable.
Andre Viljoen

VP of Technology, Hootsuite

Atlas Authority Offers Seamless Migrations

With over 14 years of experience serving a diverse group of organizations with their Atlassian applications, Atlas Authority understands the intricacies of Atlassian products and how to leverage them for success. We work closely with our clients to develop and seamlessly execute migration strategies across all Atlassian applications by employing useful tools and proven industry best practices. Our goal with Jira data migrations is to successfully and quickly transfer your Atlassian products and data without disruption. Therefore, leading your organization to reap the benefits of increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and higher system availability.

In addition to performing migrations for upgrading your applications, merging servers, or transitioning to a new platform, we also carry out the following cloud migrations:

Self-hosted → Public Clouds

Self-hosted → Atlassian Cloud Migration

Atlassian Cloud → Public Cloud or Self-hosted
We help you prepare and guide you through the process of relocating your organization’s applications, data, and workflows to a cloud infrastructure that works best for your business.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Migration Process

Atlas Authority’s Migration Approach

We understand that each client is distinct; therefore, their migration requirements are unique. We help develop flexible and cost-effective Jira migration services tailored to your business needs. Here is what you can expect when working with our experienced team members at Atlas Authority:

  • Technical Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current infrastructure, applications, workflows, and data to ensure we create the best migration path.
  • Strategy Development: We combine our technical assessment with our Atlassian expertise and established methodologies to create a migration strategy that best suits your technological requirements and aligned with your business objectives.
  • Staging Plan: Involves evaluation of application dependencies and mapping out a detailed test plan to guarantee minimized risk and downtime.
  • Migration Process: We are officially ready to put your migration plan into motion. Whether you are upgrading to the latest version of your Atlassian applications, merging servers, or you are migrating from another platform, we securely and seamlessly transfer your data with minimum disruption to your environment. 
  • Support Services: We provide support, monitoring, and management of data during and after migration, ensuring that post-migration issues are minimal to none.

Atlassian Migrations Made Easy

Atlassian migrations can be arduous but not if they are done correctly with the support you need. Our Atlassian experts at Atlas Authority can help you execute a smooth and seamless migration, regardless if that involves moving your legacy software to Atlassian or upgrading your Jira software. We have assisted several clients with diverse and unique needs, helping simplify the process to ensure minimal downtime and maximum performance.

In addition to our migration services, we also assist our clients with other robust end-to-end business services that support the full lifecycle for Atlassian tools, from implementations to managed services to ongoing maintenance and support. Please contact Atlas Authority to learn more about how we can support you with your migration strategies and help you achieve your business objectives.