Technology Solutions Designed by Atlassian Experts

There is no such thing as ‘generic technology’ solutions here at Atlas Authority. From fast-growing start-ups to large enterprises with complex infrastructure, companies across different industries turn to Atlas Authority to develop tech-enabled solutions. We help them scale their business and evolve with the ever-changing dynamics of the digital world. Atlas Authority leverages the powerful, out-of-the-box capabilities of the cutting-edge products from our Platform Partners, like Atlassian and AWS. Furthermore, we enhance their performance with complementary, easy-to-use applications and add-ons from our Technology Partners.


Used by thousands of teams around the globe, Atlassian serves as the leading provider of collaboration, development, and issue tracking software.
A portfolio of innovative Atlassian apps (like, Bob Swift, Feed Three, and Wittified) that help makers build a better business.
The world’s leading cloud platform that provides reliable and cost-effective hosting solutions to help businesses to easily scale and grow.
A simplified cloud platform that allows development teams to easily manage infrastructure and scale applications as the business evolves.

Create custom Jira reports, charts, and dashboards. Analyze data from Jira Software, Jira Service Management, as well as popular apps for testing, project, time, or asset management.

Using this project management tool, organizations can sync data from multiple sources to have a comprehensive overview of reporting.

Tempo is the most popular Time Tracking App on the Atlassian Marketplace, with more than 20,000 customers. Tempo also offers Resource and Financial Management solutions.

Easily visualize project status across Jira, track in real-time, and organize project information in a meaningful way.

Easy Agile

Easy Agile makes products which help Atlassian Jira users mesh tooling with their Agile practices. They focus on making sure their customers get value fast.


ProForma: Build an unlimited number of dynamic forms or checklists directly within Jira, without code or custom fields.


Comalatech is a global software company providing document management and compliance solutions within the Atlassian ecosystem.

Easily create and share professional diagrams with one of the highest-rated plugins for Atlassian.


A flexible synchronization tool that integrates data between tracking systems, promotes collaboration and streamlines work.

X Apps by Decadis Logo

The Elements suite Connect, Copy & Sync, Publish and Spreadsheet help companies transform old, manual ways of working into modern, streamlined workflows based on Jira and Confluence.


A fully personalized central collaboration hub that connects people, teams, locations and tools.


User management apps that keep your company secure while streamlining the user identification process in the Atlassian ecosystem.

CoreSoft Labs has been founded in 2014 and since then we have been committed to designing the most stable and secure solutions for Atlassian products.

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JXL combines the power of Jira with the familiarity of spreadsheets. Create and inline edit issues in highly customizable tables, copy and paste fields in bulk, group and structure your issues in custom hierarchies, and much more.

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With xApps, Decadis offers a selection of apps, including the top-rated automation solution Jira Workflow Toolbox on the Atlassian Marketplace. The xapps help you get the most out of Atlassian tools.

Strategic Partnerships That Make Things Possible

As the digital ecosystem has shifted and reshaped business, there has been an extraordinary demand for value-added tools that boost productivity, promote collaboration, and improve business performance. Atlas Authority has extensive experience in working with award-winning technology stacks, which has helped us develop in-depth knowledge of how these technologies integrate and work together to yield superior performance.

While our mastery lies within the Atlassian suite, we have profound knowledge of how Atlassian software integrates with tools outside of the stack, and how these technologies can enhance Atlassian’s out-of-the-box capabilities. Atlas Authority understands the intricacies of each platform and application, and the tremendous value they can add to our clients’ core operations once integrated. Every business is distinct, and our highly-skilled team members are equipped to help design technology solutions that support unique business requirements and processes.

Grow and Scale Your Business with High-Performing Infrastructure

At Atlas Authority, we are committed to supporting our clients’ success, no matter the business size, industry, or infrastructure complexity. Building strong relationships with our technology partners has been instrumental in helping our clients navigate all facets of different technology stacks to help them grow and scale their businesses.

We build effective solutions that are tailored to business needs so that our clients can maximize their Atlassian technology investment to propel their business forward. Atlas Authority strives to empower businesses every step of the way through the digital journey, making sure that our clients’ technology stacks become an inherent part of the organization’s day-to-day operations – everyone from Human Resources to Finance to IT. At the end of the day, we have the same goal as our clients: ensure the infrastructure is high-performing, scalable, and teams are enabled to deliver better and faster results.