Atlas Authority is a long term, solution oriented company. We’re ready to tackle any challenge – from
implementations to responding to an outage, Atlas Authority’s team is ready to support your company.

We Provide Solutions for Your Company

Atlas Authority understands the importance of each organization’s unique business processes and how to minimize risk, downtime, and ultimately minimize any negative financial impact on your company.


Atlas Authority covers a wide range of solutions. If your company needs additional resources to staff a project or require a full-scale project implementation, Atlas Authority is ready to assist and deliver with a team of technical experts. We specialize in:

  • Installations and upgrades
  • Business process mapping
  • Agile project management
  • Licensing


While Atlassian applications are robust, versatile, and easy to use – adding in an organization’s customized complexities and tailored solutions brings in a great deal of risk. Whether it’s an installation, upgrade, or major configuration changes, Atlas Authority provides customized support options for your company.


Whether your application administration team is looking to enhance their skills or if your organization is looking to train end users, Atlas Authority builds and delivers curriculums tailored to your business needs.

Hosted Service

Every successful company plans for growth. With our Hosted Service Solution, Atlas Authority provides a platform that sets your company up for future success. With our Hosted Service Solution, you can expect continued growth, improved security, flexible options, reduced complexity, and improved total cost of ownership.

Need Support?

Whether it’s an installation, upgrade, or major configuration changes, Atlas Authority offers customized support options.

Critical Change Support

Users. Systems. Applications. Processes.

When making significant changes to your existing applications, all of these variables are involved. With our Critical Change Support Solution, Atlas Authority alleviates potential risks associated with introducing critical changes. Our experienced team members are on standby and ready to intervene should an implementation, upgrade, installation or any major changes unexpectedly go wrong. Atlas Authority has a deep technical team experienced with preventing downtime and potential loss.

Rapid Outage Response

IT Happens.

Change happens and Atlas Authority knows from first hand that it doesn’t always go as planned. Rapid Outage Response is direct access to our team of skilled Atlassian product engineers, providing unwavering support. After working with several Fortune 500 companies that have large, global Atlassian instances, it’s no wonder Rapid Outage Response is our most popular and sought-after solution. Our team has gained the respect and trust of Atlassian administrators around the world.