Support Services

Overview of Atlas Authority Support Services

Your Atlassian tools play an essential role in your organization’s productivity and efficiency, it’s vital that you have the right level of support for your software to run at peak performance and to avoid any potential incidents or downtime.

At Atlas Authority, we provide different levels of expert technical support to ensure that your Atlassian applications run smoothly. From knowledge-based resources to immediate access to our experienced engineers, our robust support services allow you to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs of your business, no matter the size or complexity of the operation. Additionally, we offer ongoing administrative support for application maintenance, upgrades, impact assessments, and patching.

The Atlas Authority Difference

Whether you are looking for support in the form of self-service or you need high-level support with on-demand access to our Atlassian product experts for your high-risk environment, Atlas Authority has you covered. Our goal is to deliver the right level of support to your business that guarantees rapid resolution for troubleshooting issues and proactive maintenance, which leaves your team members to focus on continuous improvement, innovation, and driving your business forward.
As an Atlassian Solutions Partner, we collaborate with you to create a support services model that keeps your business systems performing optimally while minimizing incidents and risks. Our integrated maintenance and support solutions offer you the flexibility that you need for effective scaling as your organization’s needs evolve, in addition to enabling you to get the most out of your Atlassian technology investment and improving your overall customer satisfaction.

Tiered Atlassian Support Service Packages

Our highly-skilled team of experts is ready to serve your business with their in-depth knowledge and experience in Atlassian products, probable issues, and rapid resolutions. All of our Atlassian priority support packages are designed to help maximize the full power of your software, include self-service resources and year-around technical support.

Atlas Authority offers tiered services so that you can find the exact type of support for your organization’s requirements, and you can choose from the following tiered options:

Our added services provide additional business value compared to that of the Atlassian Premium Support plan. In addition to troubleshooting your incidents with our technical account management, our all-encompassing plans include support for third-party applications, customized versions of Atlassian products, and development requests.

We Are Ready to Serve & Support Your Business

From implementations to managed services or tech support, Atlas Authority is committed to delivering outstanding end-to-end business services to our clients so that they can optimize their Atlassian software and utilize it to drive efficacy and growth within their organization. With Atlas Authority support services, you will have access to a team of experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in working with Atlassian applications and maximizing their benefits so that you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time on excelling in your industry.

We are ready to provide expert technical support for your Atlassian technology stack or want more information on how Atlas Authority IT service solutions can add value to your business, contact us here.