Quickly and easily share visualizations from
Tableau in Confluence

Tableau for Confluence

Tableau for Confluence makes it seamless for users to bring Tableau visualizations into Confluence. Whether you have Atlassian Confluence on cloud or server, you now have the ability to easily share visualizations from Tableau.

Secure Data

Tableau for Confluence uses Confluence’s built-in page viewer’s permission. This keeps data secure and prevents data leaking to unlicensed Tableau users.


Q: Can other users view the visualization added through Tableau for Confluence?

A: Make sure the users are logged into Tableau. The Tableau for Confluence app does not attempt to bypass Tableau’s built-in security.

Q: My URL won’t load (either in the preview or during publishing), and I don’t know why.

A: Using the URL you copied, paste it into a new browser tab. The visualization should load without any issues. If it doesn’t, go back to Tableau and copy the link again.

If you’re still facing trouble, please reach out to our service desk here.