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Improving Outage Response in Atlassian

When an outage hits, there are two things more important than getting the system back up. First, you must not make things worse. And second, you have to ensure that you capture all of the necessary information to diagnose the root cause. If you don’t, you’ll have to wait for another outage before you can start your research in earnest.

To help teams deal with these challenges, we have identified two simple improvements that any admin team can quickly implement to improve their response with Atlassian tools.


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Grouping attachments in JIRA Cloud

Our customers use JIRA® to track A/B tests in their product. This involves providing multiple screenshots of each of the options they are testing, and JIRA® doesn’t have a simple way to bundle attachments into groups. On server there are apps that can help with this, but in Jira Cloud we had to get creative.


How to snooze issues in Atlassian Jira

I often have to maintain ownership of an issue while waiting on a response from someone else. These issues crowd my board, and I need to make them disappear until I need to follow up on them. So how do we snooze Atlassian Jira issues? (more…)