One easy tip to avoid nuking production in Atlassian Jira and Confluence

In our previous post we discuss some automated steps you can take to help get your staging environment set up correctly. But once you’re there, new risks come up. In this blog, we focus on what you can do in both your production and staging environments to ensure your admins are less likely to confuse the two and break something.

Did you ever delete a scheme and then freak out when you realize you did it on the wrong system? When you’re heads down trying to get things done, it’s easy to lose track of which system you are on.

We’re no different, and have been guilty of this in the past. To help reduce the risk of this kind of mistake we came up with a simple visual cue to help. (more…)

Improving Outage Response in Atlassian

When an outage hits, there are two things more important than getting the system back up. First, you must not make things worse. And second, you have to ensure that you capture all of the necessary information to diagnose the root cause. If you don’t, you’ll have to wait for another outage before you can start your research in earnest.

To help teams deal with these challenges, we have identified two simple improvements that any admin team can quickly implement to improve their response with Atlassian tools.