Easily filter inactive Jira users and export to CSV

Save Time

Quickly filter active and inactive users in Jira.

Quick Access

Retrieve information quickly with a simple interface.

Easy Export

With one click, export user data from Jira to CSV.

Extend Jira Filters to Report on Inactive Users

Filter Jira for Active Users and export those results easily from Jira to a CSV files. Across the board, Jira Administrators are familiar with two popular (and ongoing) Jira requests – Filter Jira for Inactive Users and Easy Jira User Export.

To help Jira Administrators deliver quality solutions, Atlas Authority developed the Atlassian app: Active User Filter for Jira. This Atlassian solution extends filtering and allows Jira administrators to quickly view active and inactive users. Need to see the data? With one single click, this app also provides the ability to export user data to CSV. 

With one click you can easily export users to CSV. (Click the “Export Users” link. You can find it next to the user count.)

How to Use Active User Filter for Jira:

Easily set up the Active User Filter with these four quick steps:

  1. Go to the “Manage Users” page in your JIRA administrative interface.
  2. Search your users with the present filter fields.
  3. Set the “Users per Page” option to slightly higher than your anticipated results.
  4. Apply the User filter.


Q: Why are all my users not being exported?

A: You need to select the All option in the Users Per Page drop-down:

Q: What is it compatible with?

If your question is not listed, please reach out via our service desk here.