Getting confirmation before Deleting Custom Field Contexts in Atlassian Jira

by | Jul 11, 2018

If you are trying to edit a custom field context, it is very easy to accidentally delete it. It is a poor User Experience and there has been an open ticket asking Atlassian to fix it for 6 years today: JRASERVER-27957 We wanted to commemorate this occasion by sharing a simple workaround. Just put this in your announcement banner and voilà, warnings before deletion.

[pastacode lang=”javascript” user=”atlasauthority” repos=”one-offs” path_id=”jira/contextDefender.js” revision=”master” highlight=”” lines=”” provider=”bitbucket”/]

If you’re on Cloud, you can’t inject this kind of content into the system. But you can have your admin team inject it via their browsers. The popular tool for this is Tampermonkey which is available for almost any browser.

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