Jira and monday.com Integrations FAQ

by | Jun 8, 2021

We recently hosted a webinar about Integrating Jira & monday.com for Cross-Department Success in order to help teams successfully collaborate. Organizations of many sizes and verticals are figuring out how these two systems can work together to enable effective communication.

If you’re one of those organizations, we’ve compiled answers to a few basic questions about Jira and monday.com integrations, in order to help you get started.

Jira and monday.com Integration Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of how two completely different departments — like marketing and IT — can successfully integrate Jira and monday.com?  

The native Jira integration within monday.com makes it easy to create basic workflows between two departments. For example, a common use case is when the development team and the marketing team need to communicate about website updates. A marketing person can create an item in monday.com that syncs with Jira to alert the IT team.

We’ve created and demonstrated several use cases that you can watch on-demand in our short webinar. The video includes a few scenarios:

  • HR recruiting and IT: HR in monday.com pushes onboarding tasks to IT in Jira.
  • Marketing and development: The marketing team in monday.com pushes tickets to the development team in Jira.
  • Legal and development: A legal team using monday.com receives open source reviews from a development team using Jira.
  • UX and development: The front-end web team using monday.com syncs with the back-end development team using Jira.

The use cases above can apply to many departments and teams. We tried to choose a variety of interdepartmental examples to give you enough ideas to get started.

What fields sync in monday.com and Jira?

Most fields sync in monday.com and Jira, but there are some limitations. Syncing comments is not currently enabled. It’s an actively evolving integration, and we are constantly talking to our partners at monday.com to stay in the loop on any changes.

The native integration seems too simple for the needs of our organization. What do we do? 

Again, the native monday.com and Jira integration is evolving. But you might need a solution now. The good news is, both Jira and monday.com have robust APIs that enable custom integrations.

If you need something beyond the native integration, we recommend using a third-party integration solution to connect Jira with monday.com. Tools like Workato, Integromat, and n8n.io offer solutions to sync Jira comments with monday.com updates and other currently unsupported mappings. You might also already have an integration tool at your organization. 

certified monday.com partner like Atlas Authority can also help you build something custom to fit your specific needs. We of course would be happy to discuss this. 

What advice do you have for a business leader challenged with integrating Jira and monday.com? 

When implementing Jira and monday.com — or any workplace technology, for that matter — it’s important to focus on team needs over tools

It does not work out well to force the workflow of one department on another, or to jump into the technical side before you understand the business needs. Be sure to collaborate with your counterparts to make sure you find a solution that works.

Secondly, for this specific challenge, we recommend checking out the use cases above for ideas, and seeing if you can create something that works using the native integration. If you do not have the capability in-house to do it, a consultant like Atlas Authority will help you identify your needs and create the solution you need. 

Does everyone on the monday.com standard plan have access to the Jira integration?

Yes, but you may need to upgrade to the Pro plan if you have a lot of data to sync (there is a limit in the standard plan of 250 runs). 

Depending on the volume of data you’re syncing, you can start by using the standard plan and decide to upgrade later.

Can you sync monday.com and Jira both ways? 

Yes, you can start an issue in Jira and sync that to monday.com. You can also create items in monday.com and sync them to Jira. We show examples of both in our use cases of Jira and monday.com integrations.

More questions about Jira and monday.com integrations? 

This was a high-level overview about integrating Jira and monday.com. Be sure to check out our webinar for more details. 

Please reach out to us at Atlas Authority if you have any questions, suggestions, or are interested in learning about working with us. We are here to help you maximize your workplace technology investment, so your teams can focus on doing the work that matters.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

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